Prof. S.I.O.M..

Positivity or rather Positive Approach has more to it than what is realised so far. It not only radiates positive energy and deflects the negative but also, triggers the oxidation process and strengthens one’s Immunity levels.

When applied to communication it works wonders. Encoding the message positively wins acceptance and mitigates resistance. Gone are those days of encoding the message negatively to serve as a deterrent. If you want to get the best out of your people (which is actually the main purpose of an HR function) encode every message in positive terms. Anything negative has a positive side, so discern and express it. For example why should the final or completion Time Line for a Task or Project be called – deadline? Just to induce stress and warn? How about calling it an achievement line or finishing line or Target line, which can create a sense of accomplishment.

One’s weaknesses and limitations can be reframed positively for reaping benefits. Coz anyway “your weakness is somebody else’s opportunity”, rethink and use it to your own advantage.



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