SLOGAN SHOUTING By Dr.S.S.Choukkar. (Prof. S.I.O.M.)


‘SLOGAN SHOUTING’, is a communication strategy for propaganda. Most often it is the immature lot that indulges in it. Slogan Shouting primarily aims at seeking attention in the name of rectifying a wrong or a seeming redressal for some perceived act of injustice. It may win attention at times by way of shock value through usage of load terms. Though pompously justified in the name of Freedom of speech, what good is such Slogan Shouting if it seeks to provoke more than serve any collective good? Whether it incites masses by playing on its psyche and leads to sedition or not is debatable .Whatever the nature, doctored or not such instances are to be ignored. The amount of debating time spent on discussing such events on a national scale, are colossal waste of time which should rather be invested in something more constructive and pertinent. The self-styled leaders initiating such propaganda like activities when focused on assume larger than life impact which is unnecessary.

Dr.S.S.Choukkar. (Prof. S.I.O.M.)


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