Fire in the belly: By Samita Kher

Fire in the belly:

An youth of India before 1991 was more sorted than the youth born after 1991. Before 1991 India’s economy was closed with restrictions on trade and business, from a bread to an aeroplane was provided by the government, limited jobs and career opportunities. So the youth had the fire in the belly to learn, understand, think,  analyze, improve,  clear doubts etc to have a stable career. While the youth of liberalized economy i.e after 1991 is not liberalized from actions and mind. They depend more on technology i.e gadgets!! Gadgets have made their life comfortable but has stationed the present youth in ‘Comfort Zone’. Their day starts with  apps and ends with the same. They lack the fire in the belly which will trigger lateral thinking. They want to earn money and enjoy materialistic life but for it they depend  more on machines and less on mind. They carry technology but are confused about career and  unaware about their strengths and weaknesses. Parents, teachers, mentors can light the fire by creating thoughtful  challenges and pull them out from comfort zone.   By Samita Kher


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