NEED NO PROOFS: by Dr.S.S.Choukkar


It’s true that people are powerless without your response. Going by this, what is the need to waste so much of Media debating time (almost on all channels) on proofs or negation of it on actually having carried out surgical strikes. Why does the ruling party have to respond to the opposition or the Enemy camps demand for proofs? Why should anyone be answerable to them, when the past experience has clearly established that the characteristic defense mechanism of the Pakistan   is to be in the denial mode?

Some politicians in the opposition are typically into stealing attention through comments aimed at creating shock value. The decision makers the ruling party need to step up their maturity and not easily fall a prey to such facile – proof demand tactics as the only measure of Truth. At a time riddled with sensitivity caution is the watchword and playing to the gallery is the recourse for the immature.

As citizens and students of communication we need to understand the intention that underlies any communication. What is the opposition’s intent behind demanding the proof? Why is Pakistan denying? If we can uncover the intention then it is easy to understand the true meaning of the communication. In this case the intent seems to be to provoke.  by



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