Spirituality @ workplace.. By Dr Devidas Golhar

Spirituality @ workplace..


Spirituality is to raise one beyond physical and individual identifications into a state of all-inclusive oneness. The spiritual process need not be taught as a philosophy or a belief system. What we refer to as spirituality is just a technology for inner wellbeing; it can be imparted as a method, which naturally leads to a more inclusive way of experiencing life. The growing reasons for spirituality at workplace could be associated with   first formalized religion have not worked for many people. Secondly, an increasing number of people are finding that the pursuit of more material acquisitions leaves them unfulfilled. Thirdly, as a counterbalance to the pressures and stress of a turbulent pace of life and the lack of community many people feel and their increased need for involvement and connection. Hence, in the days to come, one would feel greater awareness and witness various initiatives undertaken by corporate under spirituality.


Dr Devidas Golhar

Professor, SIOM


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