Create Jobs rather than wait for a Job…!!! by Samita Mahapatra

Create Jobs rather than wait for a Job…!!!

Like every nation India with a population of 1.25 billion is also chasing the dream of growth, socioeconomic development and sustainability. Technology is controlling our life style. We depend on technology so much that, life comes to a state of stagnancy if we forget to carry mobile handset. For every activity we have a ‘app’ or ‘Internet’. Most of the basic payments we do using app or internet. Whether it is payment of electricity bill, house tax, income tax, internet or mobile recharge, education fees, groceries, medicines, apparels, hotels, restaurants, travel so on and so forth. There is no need to visit a bank branch to do any transactions. There is no need to visit electricity department, income tax department, house tax department, ticketing or mobile recharging shop to get these services. Even groceries, medicines, food can be ordered through various apps. Possibly in future banks branches, tax collection departments, electricity billing centers, travel agencies business will curb. The way STD and PCO shops were substituted by mobile, internet and DTH recharging shops- these will be further replaced by apps.

According to research conducted by national as well as international institutions, in India service sector contributes 57% to GDP, industry contributes 12% (excluding manufacturing), 16% manufacturing and 15% agriculture. While the employment generated by service sector is 24%, 12% industry, 11% manufacturing and 53% by agriculture sector.

With reference to The Times of India dated 16th October, 2016, in India 550 jobs are disappearing every day and by 2050 there will be a shrink of 7 million jobs, its time for the government and mentors of education to prepare the youth to face the future challenges. The way apps and internet are ruling our life jobs will vanish!! Stress less on theoretical approach (i.e syllabus based study) and more on practical approach like skill development, innovation and being entrepreneur.

Prepare today’s youth to create jobs rather than wait for a job!!

by Samita Mahapatra


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