TRUMP Trumps Hillary’s Ace by Sadhana Choukkar

TRUMP Trumps Hillary’s Ace

Some inferences:

This is solely the writer’s point of view (not read about any of the analysis so far available post-election). Though much is made of the language used by Trump in keeping with the linguistic elements peculiar to each state as conveyed through “whatsapp” forwards, it is his Will to fight against terrorism and keeping a check on immigrants that won him votes. The larger majority shares similar concerns and don’t really care about Hillary’s broad minded all accommodating approach.

How did he manage this? It’s no surprise if you relook at the recent US election stories – President George Bush won his second term on the basis of the Hunting Metaphors he used to contain terrorism. If one recalls the language he dwelt on, it clearly communicated a merciless and ruthless flushing out of terrorists – “Smoke them out”….. “Hunt them down”…. and the like, which is what got him elected as the President for the 2nd term.

Next descended Obama, who was a change they waited for __ a much younger leader, who could start afresh, and knew too well that personal safety on the physical premise is very dear and close to everyone’s heart. In every speech that he made, he ensured they heard about his zero tolerance for terrorism.

At the end of his first term when he masterminded the military operation to eliminate Bin Laden, he won people’s confidence and had an easy victory in the 2nd term.

Now, in the current US election I don’t think Trump was voted so much for a sense or feel of change but for the zero tolerance he repeatedly voiced for terrorism, which really didn’t find a prominent place on Hillary’s Agenda. This is how Trump struck the right note, by perfectly matching people’s crucial personal priority of physical safety and security.


Sadhana Choukkar

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