Inauguration of Shrujan – A SIOM Initiative (Start-up Cell):

“SHRUJAN- a SIOM initiative” startup cell which will make an attempt at inclining students toward being self-sufficient by harnessing and creating budding entrepreneur thoughts through various activities, was inaugurated.

The Alumni Mentors who constituted the panel were Mr. Sangram Kadam, Rajeev Manjrekar, Shraddha Patil, Mr. Tarak Rindani, Satish Kataria, Deepti Chandrachud, Mr. Nihar Laddha, Mr. Sohan Kabade. Mr. Sangram Kadam took charge of the panel and panel members started their discussion on entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups.

They motivated students by saying “people who don’t have goals works for the people who have them” so be ambitions to solve problem , be self owned, think out of box ,break fear, have trust and patience on the journey.




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