Monthly Newsletter: MBA Volume: X



SIOM celebrated 9 days of Navratri by organizing ‘Stree Shakti’ guest lecture series of unique ladies from different fields.

The program was inaugurated at the hands of Ms. Shweta Shalini, Entrepreneur and BJP spokesperson on Monday, 3 Oct. 2016.

She spoke about the experience of being the first woman employee of a manufacturing company – Atlas Copco and her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, and now, politics. On Tuesday , 4 Oct. Ms. Leena Bokil shared her experiences in the field of space science.


· Ms. Shraddha Patil, a SIOM alumni spoke about her entrepreneurial endeavour – Mentorpreneur. She also established one to one dialogue with those SIOM students who want to start their own firms after completing MBA.

· Ms. Medha Tadpatrikar, social worker & entrepreneur, enlightened the students about the multiple dimensions of ‘corporate’ culture and guided them on preparation for entering the corporate world. She spoke about a number of short comings observed in management graduates of today and asked the students to consciously avoid the same.

· Ms. Gitanjali Ghate& Ms. Jasmeet Srivastava- co founders & managing partners of the THIRD EYE spoke about their experience in the field of advertising and branding. They illustrated how the field of advertising is evolving with the change in Indian ethos.

· Mrs Shivani Kaul  (Product manager India – John Deere India Ltd) was at SIOM as a guest speaker during the Navratri week when SIOM observed “Stri Shakti” as a festival of celebrating the achievements of women fraternity in business and entrepreneurship.

· Each session in the Stree Shakti program was managed by different student clusters. The students were highly inspired by interacting with these superwomen.



SSC- Marketing Club Brand Crossword Competition

“Brand Crosswords” was conducted as a SSC marketing club activity at SIOM on 17th Oct 2016.

The competition was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Harsha Gandhi and Prof. Aditi Gosain.

The competition began with about 60 participants, who enthusiastically participated in the crossword puzzle solving activity. The participants were given a crossword puzzle with 29 business and brand related clues and they had to write 29 correct brand names in the space provided in the crossword within 45 minutes of time. The Winners at this event being:


1) Darshan Salvi – SIOM (winner)

2) Madhuri Ivalekar – SIOM (1st Runner Up)

3) Harshit Chaturvedi – SIOM (2nd Runner Up)


EADR Alumni Challenge

SSC- Marketing Club Brand Crossword Competition

Economic Analysis Desk Research Challenge (final round) was held on 18th October, 2016 at Sinhgad Institute of Management (SIOM).This is an inter institute competition held every year. The competitors did a spectacular job and every group’s presentation was perspicacious. The competitors were judged by Mr. Sangram Kadam and Mr. Nihar Laddha both of whom were former SIOM students. SIOM Director, Dr. Parag Kalkar addressed the students by giving a motivational speech. The results were announced immediately after competition. The first position was bagged by SIOM while SIBAR team was runner up. The teams were then felicitated with medals and certificates. Every team was grateful towards college, judges and management team of SIOM. They extended vote of thanks to judges, teachers and other faculty members. It was a great experience for everyone present there.

E-CELL Activity “B-IDEATE Competition”

We believe entrepreneurs are the key drivers of tomorrow’s innovations and integral to creating a thriving economy. The E-cell has been formulated with an aim to help budding entrepreneurs to sow their ideas and grow great businesses. One of the endeavours of the E-cell encompasses an event called B-Ideate: a new business idea competition.


This competition provided a platform to budding idea generators to express their business ideas and translate those into business prepositions. The event saw overwhelming response in not just registrations but also participation with fervor and enthusiasm.

Social Cell



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