SIOM Newsletter – July 2017

SIOM-Newsletter-July 2017


From the director’s Desk………

From the director’s desk,

Greetings, students! I welcome you all on behalf of SIOM, and hope with all my heart that you are having an amazing start of the academic year. MBA is a tough job. Or so they say. It depends quite on your perspective, actually. However, today, I am not going to bore you all with something you already know.
It gives me immense pleasure to tell you something quite interesting today. It all started with a name- Wing Commander CDR Rakesh Sharma. Rings quite a bell, doesn’t it? Well, we did get to meet him personally, up close! Unbelievably true!

The first Indian to venture into space and conduct experiments for 7 days, 21 hours and 41 minutes. Perseverance is the only word I can think of right now, when I think about this herculean feat.
There was excitement in the air, so much you could’ve literally smelt it!
He had simplicity written all over himself. I was truly humbled by his presence, when he went up to the stage and started recounting all his experiences. It was as if, he had lived all them just yesterday.
And the way, in which everybody was listening, you could’ve heard a pin drop in the conference hall, which is normally bustling with activity.

All of his problem tackling techniques in space, and in life too, in addition to the spine chilling experiences of the Indo Pak war of 1970 was truly fantasising to hear. I felt as if I am magically teleported to the Airfield where all the action takes place. He related his experiences to the current world scenario, which was an anecdote for us as well as the students.
It was an amazing experience, to be honest. On that note, I bid adieu to all of you, and once again wish you an insightful academic year ahead!


Dr. Parag Kalkar,
Sinhgad Institute Of Management.

Monthly Newsletter: MBA Volume: XI November 2016






International Stress Management Association (ISMAIND) in association with Sinhgad Institute of Management (SIOM), Pune has organized 3rd International Conference on Stress Management (ICSM2016) which was inaugurated at Sinhgad Institute of Management (SIOM), Pune.

The conference was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. Ian Shakespeare, Director – Secretary, ICSMP, Australia, along with other dignitaries Prof. Brian Hughes, Dean and Professor in Psychology, National University of Ireland, Ireland; and Dr. Dominique Steiler, Professor and Director of the Endowed Chair Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, Dr. Udaya Kumar Reddy, Conference Chair and Dr. Parag Kalkar, Director SIOM.

The session was started by Prof. Brain Hughes as Key Note Speaker addressing the topic ‘Stress and its impact on Health: Research Vs. Rumor.’ Dr. Udaya Kumar Reddy addressed the gathering on the topic ‘Stress Management Professional by 2020 – a road map.’ As described by Dr. Reddy, stress is one of the biggest issues in today’s society, and the underlying cause of heart disease, anxiety related disorders, mental pressure, aches & pains, depression, IBS etc. Further as discussed in his speech, in most cases it’s not the stressor that causes stress, but our inability to cope and adapt to circumstances.

Mr. Ian Shakespeare threw light on the consequences of stress and its impact on social needs. He also emphasized that stress is linked with not just mental health but also physical health issues. Mr. Ian Shakespeare also spoke on the topic ‘The 10 Dimensions of Organizational Resilience.’ Dr. Kalkar expressed his view of Stress being understood as a personal problem and not an organizational problem.

A Panel discussion took place on the topic ‘Enhancing Professionalism in Stress Management.’ The participants present during panel discussion were Dr. M. Jaya Shankar Reddy, Mr. Ram Jaladurgam, Dr. Prasanna Rekha and Dr. P.N. Kadam. Dr. M. Jaya.

On behalf of NSM and ICSMP various awards were also presented to recipients under various categories like awareness of stress management, stress management practices in an organization with employee strength less than 500, etc. Ram Jaladurgam, Nanda Kishore and Visesh are among few to receive the same. During the last session of the day Prof. Dominique Steiler spoke on the topic ‘Stress and Mindfulness.’

Research paper presentations on the various themes of stress management in the areas like Health, Education and Occupation took place. In total 67 research papers were presented by researchers and academicians across the globe.

During the valedictory session, Researchers were presented the certificate for their significant research contribution in the area.

The International conference on Stress Management has brought together scholars, academicians, researchers, professionals from diverse domains, alternative therapists and practitioners of psychology from all disciplines who are involved in practice and/or research in areas related to stress management. The international conference saw an overwhelming response with a whopping 256 registrations, which includes 112 research papers that were received from scholars across the globe.

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A three day workshop providing comprehensive insights on Stress and its management in varied situations had been conducted from 6th November to 8th November 2016 at Sinhgad Institute of Management. The work shop was facilitated by Dr. BUK Reddy Director (Training & Consultancy) Stress Management Lab Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad and Mr. Rajender Singh Operations Director-SML. ISMA in collaboration with ICSMP has designed a structured and scientific approach for creating, developing and certifying professionals to contribute in enhancing productivity, promote healthy work culture, harmonious industrial relations and holistic wellbeing of individuals and organizations.

There were 30 participants from varied field e.g. Executives, Professionals from Governments, Private sector and Public Sector Undertakings ,Faculty members, Corporate Trainers, Human Resource Professionals, Occupational Health Professionals, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Professionals from Counseling etc.

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Stress Management Professional Certification (SMPC) Workshop: 25 hours

Module 1 Stress Coaching (10 hours) Content: Stress Basics, Personal Stress Audit, Physical Quotient & its development, Neural Quotient & its development, Emotional Quotient & its development Module 2 Stress Counseling (10 hours) Content: Stress Counseling Concepts, Protocol based Stress Counseling, Cognitive Quotient & its development, Psychosocial Quotient its development, Case Studies

Module 3 Workplace Interventions (5 hours) Content: Workplace Stress and prudent strategies, Organizational Stress Audit, Psychosocial factors and Stress Resilience.



PESTLE competition was organized at Sinhgad Institute of Management. The competition was held at two levels. First level was the competition between students of each division. The winners from each division competed amongst themselves. Each team comprised of a group of 6-8 students. Each team was given a topic which was combination of an industry in a particular country. All the teams performed to the best of their abilities and competition was fiercely fought. Alumni and a faculty member were judges and each presentation was critically evaluated, in order to select the winner. The winners of the competition were students from Division A.

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Grooming session on Manufacturing and Engineering sector was held on November 21, 2016 at Sinhgad Institute of Management, Vadgaon from placement perspective. Mr. Jaydeep Sant, Head of Sales and Business Development (AA-AS Business Unit), Bosch has addressed students on the opportunities in the sector.

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Jaydeep Sant has focused on challenges in the sector. Key issues from placement perspective like preparation, profiles, expertise, etc. were addressed by Sant. Sant has also addressed key queries of students. Eighty students across management campuses of Sinhgad Technical Education Society were participated in the session.


A placement orientation workshop was organized for the students of MBA Second Year IT, IB & HR Specialization Students. The objective of the workshop was to orient the students on job opportunities available in the IT & IB domain, specific skill sets required for the job and major part of the workshop consisted inputs on Aptitude Test, GD & PI. Mr. Manish Harodia, IIM Kozikode, Co-Founder DreamWallet had thorough discussion with the participants on the questions and probable answers to the questions generally asked during PI, tips on Group Discussion and how to apply logical skill in solving the aptitude tests. The students benefitted enormously from the session.

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A meeting of the Alumni Governing body took place on 26th November 2016. After the successful implementation of the Alumni chapters in Mumbai. Delhi and Bangalore, it was decided in the meeting that New Alumni chapters to be made in the cities of Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. These new chapters would be beneficial in building relationship with SIOM alumni present in these cities.